Logic + Magic

orange and white square illustration

A successful and resonant brand is built upon equal parts logic and magic. Strategy and creativity. It’s common to brush by the strategy part of the equation. But a journey without a map leads to nowhere fast. The most important aspect of any brand or project is the strategy that provides the foundation and organizing […]

The Truth About Branding


So what exactly is a brand? Marty Neumeier got to the heart of the matter in his masterwork, The Brand Gap. HIs definition is this: Your brand is not what you say it is, it’s what they say it is. This simple statement points to the profound insight that a brand lives in the hearts […]

Brand Illustrated


The follow series of slides created by Marty Neumeier brilliantly illustrate the difference between marketing, advertising, PR, design and branding – and how branding is actually the intended result of these efforts. While these illustrations reduce the matter to a level of comical simplicity, they cut right through the BS and illustrate what these functions […]

The Dark Art


The name of the game with branding is perception management and subconscious influence. The harsh reality is that this is being used against us every single day on an unimaginable scale. Countless dollars are being pumped into branding, marketing and advertising, with the relentless goal of convincing you to buy, buy, buy and then buy […]

Turning Lead into Gold

brown and black abstract painting

Alchemy is an ancient artform that is often associated with the failed attempt of transforming lead into gold, as well as the search for the fabled philosopher’s stone, elixir of life and holy grail. As a tidbit of history, modern chemistry (and thus science as a whole) has its roots firmly planted in the practices […]

Actualize Your Potential


Entelechy, (from Greek entelecheia) – in philosophy, that which realizes or makes actual what is otherwise merely potential. Entelechy is a term first coined by Aristotle, which refers to the innate purpose that is the driver of all life. It refers to the unstoppable motive for our potential to strive toward becoming actual. The entelechy […]

Creating The Future

“Vision is your first creation of the future.” -Tobi Delli “Dreamers only dream, but creators bring their dreams into reality.” -Robert Fritz Most people, brands and organization are not creating the future. They are merely reacting to the past and present. Most plans and strategies are created to circumnavigate problems that arise in the present […]

Your Heart’s Desire

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that’s left is a compromise” -Robert Fritz What do you want? Why is it that such a simple question can be so hard to answer? We often default to canned responses such as […]

The Path of Least Resistance

When we align ourselves with our true desire, and begin to move toward it, something magical happens – we enter the path of least resistance. Life becomes easier chasing after “impossible” things (that we actually want). On the contrary, life is harder chasing after attainable things (that we don’t really want). In his book, The […]