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Brand strategy for conscious entrepreneurs.

“Andy has magical abilities. Working with him is always illuminating and leads to outcomes I’m excited to share with the world.”
Bradley T. Morris
CEO @ Majik Media
Brand Consulting


Strategy and experience design for brands that are changing the world.

“Andy is a branding ninja. He truly has a 6th sense for seeing the concepts that are unique to my projects and translating them into potent strategies and designs.”
Alila Grace
CEO @ Mahina

Brand Alchemy

A holistic framework for synthesizing powerful brands.

I. Strategy

Laser-focused positioning and a coherent gameplan.

II. Identity

Resonant messaging and potent aesthetics.

III. Platform

Digital omnipresence and a profitable website.

IV. Experience

Memorable experiences and transformational events.

“Andy takes the time to really dig into the soul of your business to find out what’s begging to be expressed. He listens, understands and then creates pure magic.”
Wellness Consultant


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“Andy has proven himself to be the most talented designer I have ever worked with. His understanding of our problems and how to solve them exceeded all of our expectations.”
James Curran
Director, Ewam Shedra
The Blog

10X Your Presence

Potent thoughts on brand and experience design.

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Logic + Magic

A successful and resonant brand is built upon equal parts logic and magic. Strategy and creativity. It’s common to brush by the strategy part of

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Brand Illustrated

The follow series of slides created by Marty Neumeier brilliantly illustrate the difference between marketing, advertising, PR, design and branding – and how branding is

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The Dark Art

The name of the game with branding is perception management and subconscious influence. The harsh reality is that this is being used against us every

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